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We value creating impact in the individuals we serve by doing things differently.

At Find Clarity Here, our purpose is to partner with our clients through a unique and customized process to find the motivation, ownership, and mindset to discover what they want in their personal and professional lives and take it.

As a Find Clarity Here client, you have the opportunity to embrace the journey to find clarity in your goals, purpose, and vision in your professional and personal life. You will mentally step outside of your daily life and work through what is most important, most effective, and

what brings you the most excitement. With actions steps and a new found clarity, you will step back in with a refreshed perspective, fueled by who you truly are and what you are driven to achieve.






We need to find clarity.

In the conference room, classroom, in relationships, on teams, in our minds—at the root of most obstacles is a lack of clarity. The breakdown of success stems from uncertainty, confusion, and an overall insufficient grasp of why we are working on that specific project, or what is the long term result of getting that promotion, or what the value is in quitting that job. All of this can lead to deterioration of motivation, drive, ambition, productivity, relationships and trust. 

Find Clarity Here is grounded in the idea that the coaching process is about you. Not only does that mean that listening and understanding

are imperative, it also means that you have the solutions. As a coach, I am here to guide, support, energize, and inspire, but it is you who has it all inside you before we even begin.

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What People Say

"Nicole encouraged me to dive deeper into understanding my own behavior, practice greater compassion toward myself, and be exhilarated by imagining what a happier life might look like"

Anna, founder & CEO, Mustard & Moxie

We Work


Customized packages, curated to target your goals and objectives.

Beginning with a free initial discovery call, Nicole will ask pointed questions about your current professional (and personal) life.  This includes obstacles you are facing, what your ideal workday structure looks like, and what you think you are currently doing well.  A proposal, tailored to your concerns and focus will be sent to you and from there, it's up to you.

Quarterly Reset

Three Months


Dedicate some time and energy this quarter to look at what your long term goals are and implement strategy NOW. Use the customized workshops and coaching sessions to dial into your vision for yourself, personally and professionally

6 Month Boost

Six Months

Now is the time to evaluate your systems, your vision, and your goals on a deeper level. Through customized workshops and coaching sessions, you will step outside of your comfort zone to discover what is most important to you, personally and professionally, and ensure alignment.

12 Month Overhaul

One Year

Build a firm foundation, define the values, systems, and goals that are most aligned with your purpose.  With tailored workshops and deep-dive coaching sessions, you will have a focused, inspired, and productive year.

How We Work

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