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Team Training & In-Office Seminars

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Whether your team needs to get on the same page and align with common goals for the quarter, or they just need an energy boost and doing some self development work would help motivate them, a customized 1/2 or full day workshop can help provide some team building opportunity.


With a quick discovery meeting, I will pull from an archive of presentations, exercises, discussion topics and educational tidbits to create a customized, exciting event for your team.  With over 8 years of experience in facilitating, professional development, and public speaking, I am able to engage your team with interactive exercises, thought-provoking topics, and most importantly, FUN! Trust me, this isn't your mother's workshop!

Team Clarity Workshops

All Day or Half Day Seminars


When we lack clarity as a team, we are more likely to be unmotivated, struggle to find ambition, and reason to show up at our best, not to mention complicating team dynamics and adding to a toxic culture. Finding clarity opens doors and lines of communication for individual and team success. Team Clarity Workshops will incorporate topics such as:  

  • having difficult conversations

  • goal setting & self accountability

  • building confidence & finding your voice

  • developing a feedback culture

  • purpose statements

Looking for something else?  I got you!

Packages are customized for the needs of the client.  Let's discuss what is optimal for your goals, your schedule, and your budget. Drop me a note!

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