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One time intensive sessions provide maximum upgrades to your habits, goals and strategies. Quick hits, fast growth!

The Next 90

90 minute session

Enjoying the Nature

Do you want to approach the next 90 days differently? In 3 months, do you want to feel accomplished, on track, and energized?  Do you want to be able to say:  

  • I established some supportive habits that help me show up at my best

  • I reached goals that I set and I feel excited about setting new ones

  • I created a strategy that addressed my top priorities and checked in regularly to measure my progress

  • I feel like I am set up for success and engaged in my life

Then this is a great 90 minute session, intended to set you up, keep you on track, hold yourself accountable, etc.

Time Commitment: 90 minutes
Cost: $299

The Next 90

Leadership Identity

2 hour session

Image by Gian Luca Pilia

What is your leadership style? Does it matter?  Heck yes it does.  In this intensive, you will define who YOU are as a leader.  We will cover:

  • What your strengths and skills are and ways to let those skills & strengths shine

  • The 5 elements of a “CEO Mindset”

  • Your Code of Ethics: what do you expect from yourself and others 

  • Growth opportunities and how to take action

  • Culture contribution–how are you contributing to the culture of your team/business/family

Time Commitment: 120 minutes
Cost: $399

Fresh Start

90 minute session


Are you starting a new job, a new role, a totally new career path?  Perhaps you recently left a job you’ve been in for a while and are feeling a little, “now what?” This intensive is to help clarify what you want as your next step (personally or professionally) and what actions need to be taken, as well as embracing the opportunity to approach things with a different mindset. We will cover:

  • What's working and what's not

  • Long term vision (let's not get in the car until we know where we are heading)

  • Define short term goals

  • Future self exercise; who do you want to be and what skills and strengths are needed

Time Commitment: 90 minutes
Cost: $299

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Strategy Session

60 minute session


Do you have a big decision to make?  Maybe a big presentation to give for your company?  Are you trying to position yourself for a raise or promotion? This session is a coaching AND working session.  In this strategy session, we will:

  • Have the space to explore a topic of your choice

  • Talk through pros/cons, mind map, outline different paths and outcomes

  • Decide on next steps and commit to timeline that will support your success

Time Commitment: 60 minutes
Cost: $199

Looking for something else?  I got you!

Packages are customized for the needs of the client.  Let's discuss what is optimal for your goals, your schedule, and your budget. Drop me a note!

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