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Each process begins with a 45-minute discovery meeting.  You will have the space to explain exactly what is going on in your career, your home life, your business, wherever you feel like you need support.  Based on our conversation, I assemble a proposal that consists of a minimum of 2 package options that best suit your needs.  These packages are tailored to address your concerns and your goals.  Once you decide on a package, we get to work.

Quarterly Reset

Three Month Plan 


A lot can happen in 90 days, especially if you are hyper focused and dedicated to positive change. This package is intended to explore long term goals and objectives and begin action steps that align with those goals & objectives.  We will look at aligning your purpose with your roles and responsibilities, discuss time management and delegation, and check in on your inner narrative. Customized workshops such as "Clarity, Ownership & Vision," "Leadership versus Management, or "Calendar Ownership" will allow us to dive into the obstacles that you face and strategize how to move forward.  

6 Month Boost

Six Month Plan

This package is intended to dive deeply into your day-to-day world and establish structure, systems, and alignment with what you are looking to achieve.  We will tackle subjects like business plans, morning & evening routines, team dynamics, developing a leadership style, and more.  Workshops such as "Structure, Schedule & Self-Care" and "Team Clarity" are intended to address not just your professional life, but also you as a whole human being and how you can show up with more joy and less stress in all aspects of your life.


12 Month Overhaul

Annual Plan


This is exactly as it sounds--a complete overhaul.  The combination of coaching sessions and workshops are intended to dissect all aspects of your professional life or business, and rebuild.  We break down barriers in the way you think and view your goals, write a business plan, establish routines & processes, and define your values.  Writing a vision statement, reworking job descriptions, creating an organization chart, and defining a personal and professional code of ethics are just a few of the topics we will cover.

Looking for something else?  I got you!

Packages are customized for the needs of the client.  Let's discuss what is optimal for your goals, your schedule, and your budget. Drop me a note!

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