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My Process

"The more you step into your own energy and your own creativity, the more you will realize you are not crazy in what you think is important, valuable, and impactful. Everything else is just fluff."

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My coaching approach is explorative, supportive, authentic, and action-based. No topic too small, no feeling too subtle to be discussed.  You will be asked questions that allow you to view things from a different lens and visualize how you want certain aspects of your life to grow and develop.


We are partners in this process.  My goal is to guide and equip you with the right tools so you can be the ultimate badass in your personal and professional life.  Together we maintain a safe space where it is ok to ask for help and be vulnerable about how you want to exist in your career, at home, and for yourself.


I keep it real! I make jokes, I keep it light when necessary, and I am honest. I expect my clients to be the same. We all have walls we have built overtime to keep certain emotions, people, and situations out.  Gradually, our walls need to come down to allow our true selves to show and exist freely.


We can talk all day long but without action, we are just two friends having a nice chat.  Implementation allows you to experience what works, what doesn't, how things feel, what you can embrace in your life and what you want to let go of.  We will set goals and experiment with new ideas in between our sessions.


My Background 

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Nicole graduated from Fordham University in 2008 with a BA in Philosophy.  In other words, she spent 4 years learning how to ask questions, deeply analyze problems, and write cogent proposals that provide optimal solutions. Nicole graduated from Coach U in 2021 and is certified with the International Coaching Federation. Nicole is also a Program Advisor of the Seton Hall University Transformative Leadership Program, where she continues to both learn and impact educational offerings to today's rising leaders.


Nicole specializes in working with overwhelmed small business owners and entrepreneurs (and solopreneurs) to help develop their skills as a leader, take ownership of their schedule, and their business, look inward at what they want to achieve, and find structure, organization, excitement, joy and clarity (duh) in their lives and in their work.  Nicole has worked with individuals in finance, marketing, digital media, project management, software engineering, to name a few.


When Nicole is not coaching, she loves attending concerts, baking, practicing yoga (she is a certified instructor), making themed playlists, and watching reruns of Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Real Housewives of New York City.  She loves horror movies and a good martini (blue cheese olives only).  Nicole loves coaching and uses much of her free time to explore courses, seminars, and workshops to further her craft.  She loves a good cheese board and looks forward to making pizza with her husband every Friday night.


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